Where are you located?Based in Nampa, ID. (Cottage Food License)
Do you deliver?
Yes, we require delivery for cakes.
Free Delivery to Local areas (Nampa, Caldwell, Meridian, Eagle and Boise.)
If you are outside these areas please contact us.
Does it cost to deliver?
No Extra Delivery Fees for our Local delivery areas.
Contact us if you are outside of the cities mentioned above.

Do you allow pickup?Only for cupcake orders.
Cake Orders require delivery to ensure Safe Arrival.
A lot can happen during delivery and we want to make sure it is beautiful for your event.

is everything organic?Yes, we pride ourselves on every ingredient being organic.

Is everything vegan?Yes, 100% of our ingredients are vegan. No dairy, eggs, no gelatin or animal byproduct.

is everything dye-free?Yes, we use fruits and vegetables to dye the frosting.
We never use artificial dyes.

Do you offer grain free / gluten free?Yes, We have two available options if you'd like grain free & gluten free.
We have a Grain free, gluten free vanilla cake and chocolate cake.
frosting and fillings are customizable based on your preference.

is everything corn-free?Yes, all ingredients used are free of corn additives.

What kind of sugar do you use?Organic evaporated cane juice is used for the majority of desserts.
coconut sugar is used in some recipes.
Organic powdered sugar is used for frostings.
If you have any concerns/allergies please reach out through the cake application/contact page.